Inspired by Viking Mythology

A Special Gift

Skjoldmø means Shield Maiden in Danish, Norwegian and Swedish. A Shield Maiden carried weapons, took part in sea raids and fought in battle alongside male Viking warriors.

Søren wanted to give his wife Britt a special birthday present. The result was the first version of Skjoldmø – Florally Spiced

Skjoldmø was originally created as a special birthday present from a devoted husband to his wonderful wife.The gin turned out to be so delicious that the couple decided to try and launch it to a wider audience.

Fast forward to today and Skjoldmø has established itself as a unique gin with a flavour that has captivated the hearts of gin lovers because of its unique mild taste dominated by typically Nordic botanicals.

In general Viking women were free to decide for themselves and equal to men in many senses – they had a right to ask for divorce and could make decisions about their estates.